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"Enable the Divine, Consume Consciously"



noun: ex·tro·py 

the pseudoscientific principle that life will expand indefinitely and in an orderly, progressive way throughout the entire universe by the means of human intelligence and technology.


The inclusion of communities of Color in every aspect, from cultivation to consulting to regulating.
- Edgar Cruz CEO

Our Mission

Ekstrepe is an asset to our people. Changing lives will be our biggest, proudest and greatest accomplishment.

Ekstrepe transcends the notion of supply of the

standard supply chain. 


Facilitating means in which buyers and sellers participate

in an exchange of more than just goods and services

but of empowerment and inclusivity


Supplying not only the markets most innovative & highest

quality products but perpetuate a greater purpose in

serving the disenfranchisedmajority of Long Beach.

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Our Goal

Our main goal is educate, build, create and change laws for

the betterment of the cannabis community as a whole. In

order to do that, our monetary gains will not simply reflect

what benefits the company best, but work towards rebuilding

the communities that are unquestionably, STILL criminalized

under an industry that those with different opportunities

have made tremendous gains from.


Recognizing the privilege of how far we’ve come, we know

that we must take a stand for the generations before us

that paved the way, and set a strong example for the

generations to come. We believe in building our people,

and breaking cycles. 

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