"Enable the Divine, Consume Consciously"

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noun: extropy

the pseudoscientific principle that life will expand indefinitely and in an orderly, progressive way throughout the entire universe by the means of human intelligence and technology.

"a subculture of technocrats thriving in the US calls the life force “Extropy”



Ekstrepe is a Social Equity cannabis brand based in Long Beach, CA operated by communities of different races and ethnicities. We focus on Social equity within all aspects of the industry as some of the operators and partners of ekstrepe are multi-talented in other industries including Entertainment, Music, Fashion, Sports, Government Policy, Community Redevelopment, Education & More.  Ekstrepe was created and designed to become a cultural platform for the cannabis industry as well as any other industry where there is a lack of social equity inclusion.


Ekstrepe transcends the notion of supply of the standard supply chain. 

Facilitating means in which buyers and sellers participate in an exchange of more than just goods and services but of empowerment and inclusivity. 

Supply not only the markets most innovative and highest quality products, but also perpetuate a greater purpose in serving the disenfranchised majority of Long Beach.