With always envisioning creating a cannabis business when cannabis became legal, I attempted to focus on working for licensed operators in the space while also working within the banking industry. Understanding financial management & business development to my experience within the cannabis industry, I soon learned that minorities are being excluded from the industry at an alarming rate. 


I decided to educate myself on the War on Drugs and the true definition of Social Equity and understood that policy within cannabis laws need to include communities of color. So, I created Ekstrepe to assure space that these communities aren't left out of opportunities that can provide generational wealth to underdeveloped communities.

Realizing that focusing on policy is a strong passion I've mine, I now am taking 2 steps back and focusing my time and energy to ensure Ekstrepe is not just a cannabis brand, but a lifestyle brand with an obligation to give back to our communities of color.


Vice President

With experience on the front lines as a budtender, I have a deeper understanding for what customers are seeking and how to best shape that experience. Appreciating the vitality of education, my mission is to incorporate that transparency, from cultivation all the way to the customers hands. 

After completing my B.A. from SJSU, I worked as a ‘Wellness Consultant’ for a well known dispensary in San Jose, CA. Upon hearing of the opening of ‘America’s First Cannabis Restaurant’, I decided it was time to move back home to L.A. and continue my journey working in cannabis. When the COVID shutdown changed our lives as we knew it, I decided to begin pursuing a Masters in Cannabis Science and Therapeutics from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, bringing us to the present. 

As Ekstrepe’s CEO, I essentially am the conductor of the major moving pieces, particularly focused on transparency from seed to sale.